Seoraksan, Above the Clouds


It might be best to check out this quirky shot on a computer or tablet. Since its somewhat of a panorama, the shot probably won’t look so great on a small smart phone screen.

Here’s an old attempt at using a Holga toy camera ( which I personally modified to take 35mm film ) to take a panoramic shot. I had to tape up the red window on the back of the camera since 35mm film has no paper backing. Had I not taped it shut, light would have leaked in and I’d be left without any photos. Since I had to tape it up, I wasn’t sure how far to advance the film so that it’d line up for the second shot in the panorama. I guess I overestimated and advanced too far, leaving that gap between the two images. Sure I could photoshop it out, but I kinda like the gap. It makes it all seem a bit raw, which Seoraksan certainly is.

Holga / Personal modification / Fuji Neopan 400 / D76 developer

Hope you find yourself up in the clouds too : )

Patrick Bresnahan


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