Polaroid Big Zip, Double Exposure

bigzipdoubleSome time ago, my folks found an old Polaroid Big Zip camera at a thrift store. Knowing I’d be interested, they picked up the camera and gifted it to me. I was delighted with the present, and sought out some film for it. As it turns out, the Big Zip uses a square Polaroid film, type 87 for black and white and type 88 for color, and this film has long since been discontinued. As of today, August 12th 2015, the Impossible Project hasn’t started making film in this format and for this particular camera. So, I had to seek out the original film on Ebay. I was able to make a few purchases and experiment with the camera a bit. I still haven’t shot with the color film just yet…I’m wondering how the colors will turn out since I was only able to track down film that had expired a decade or two ago.

Anyhow, I look forward to playing around more with this camera as I’m able. The black and white film is expired and has a very faded, soft look to it. However, the photo above isn’t of the actual Polaroid print. It’s of the negative that accompanies the print, since this is the peel apart kind of film which gives both an instant print and a negative. I washed the negative, hung it to dry, scanned it, and then inverted it to a positive image in post. I added a little contrast to help embolden the photo and make it not look quite so washed out.

Peel apart or pack instant film is a blast to shoot. It allows us to give away the print as a gift and then later reclaim the negatives. That way, the photographer can get a digital scan of the image to keep as well.

If you have any of this old film laying around the house, let me know! If you’re not keen on shooting it, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some so that I can continue toying about with this camera. Thanks in advance : )

Polaroid Big Zip / Polaroid type 87 film, expired / double exposure / reclaimed negative

Enjoy ~

Patrick Bresnahan


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