Buddha’s Bday, 15 Mamiya RZ67 Photos

buddhasbday149buddhasbday144buddhasbday1413buddhabday142 buddhabday143buddhasbday1410 buddhasbday1411buddhasbday1412buddhasbday1414 buddhasbday1415buddhasbday145buddhasbday146buddhabday141buddhasbday147 buddhasbday148 Here we have 15 photos that I took on Buddha’s Birthday in Anseong, South Korea. I captured them with a Mamiya RZ67 on both Kodak Portra 400 and Kodak Ektar 100 medium format films. If you’re curious as to which photo belongs to which film, please leave a comment and I can inform you. Well, I hope you enjoy this little slice of life in Korea. Stick around, as I’ll be sharing more Buddha Bday photos this week : ) Take care! ©Patrick Bresnahan


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