Untethered Tiger

untethered tigerThe thesis has been stressing me out lately. I long for the days when I can go and photograph as I please, without having to overthink everything and worry too much. Despite a few setbacks, the thesis is coming along. Thankfully, I have until October to put it all together. This week I plan on sharing both new and old work. Stay tuned!

Here we have an untethered tiger, shot with a Mamiya RZ67 on Kodak Tri-X 400 film in small village ( 북거마을 ) near Anseong, South Korea.  How I long to roam free like the tiger here, but for now I’ll be tethered to my thesis. After the break, check out a link to a song and some lyrics which helped inspire this post. Enjoy! ©Patrick Bresnahan

Built to Spill, Living Zoo

We know where we wanna go
But we can’t tell
On our own how to navigate
Our way through hellSometimes when you wake up
(Sometimes wake up lonely)
You feel alone
Somehow we get over it
(Somehow keep it going)
And you go onAhhh
That’s alright
We’re doing fine

They say there’s a part of us
We can’t explain
Please say you’ll do anything
To make me stay

Being a human
Being an animal too
Being in a cage and
Being a living zoo

Being a person
Being an animal too
Being all alone and
Being all me and you

Cause we’re lions in our cages
And tigers in tiny spaces




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