Shape of Things to Come, Infrared Fisheye Portrait

infrared fisheye portrait

Hey Folks, how’s everything? I’ve been plenty busy these past few weeks working on my thesis, adjusting to a new job and house, and preparing for my exhibition that will come with the thesis. I’ve got an extension on the thesis. Instead of it being due within a few days, I’ll need to turn it in around Sept. / Oct. This is definitely good news, and it’s helping me enjoy photography as opposed to dreading all the stress. I still have a long ways to go, but I’ve definitely been making progress.

I’m still not ready to reveal my thesis photos because they haven’t been fully realized. I’m hoping to have everything captured by late June. I’ll spend July – September writing and revising the thesis. Anyhow, I still want to update the blog from time to time as I’m able. I have plenty of photos that I think are worth sharing. One such photo is up above. It’s not exactly a sneak peak at my thesis work, but it does reveal what I’m working with – infrared film photography. I hope you enjoy it! And stay tuned for further developments : )

Canon AE-1 / 15mm fisheye lens / yellow filter / expired (not sure when) Kodak EIR / E6 development as slides / ©Patrick Bresnahan


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