Holgarama and Microclicks – First Attempt ( XPRO & Color Neg )

img828-001 img827-001 img826-001 img825-001 img823-001 img822-001 img821-001 img819-001

Shown here are the results of my first attempt at shooting Holgaramas – both traditionally and with the microclicks technique. Since the Holga is a manually winding film camera, the user doesn’t have to advance the film to the next frame before taking another shot. If he or she doesn’t advance all the way, the little space between frames can be overlapped and a panoramic image can be created. Now, I didn’t do the best job in making my panoramas seamless. I believe I didn’t turn the camera quite far enough between shots, so there’s too much overlapping. You can see some nice examples online with a quick search. I’ll have to give it another go. Essentially how it works is you aim the camera to the left, take a photo, advance the film ( but not quite all the way to the next frame ), move the camera to the right, take another shot, and so forth.

The Microclicks shots I find very interesting. They have a lot of energy and movement, even though I mostly took photos of still, inanimate objects. The microclicks work similarly to the Holgaramas. Essentially, you turn the camera to the left, take a shot, advance the film but this time just a little bit( several ‘clicks’ on the winder ), move the camera a little to the right, take another shot, advance the film a few more clicks, and on and on. I really enjoy how those look and I’ll definitely be exploring that style further.

The night photos were taken on expired Kodak E100G slide film, cross processed in C41 chemistry ( hence the odd, greenish colors ). The daylight photos were taken on Kodak Ektar 100 color negative film. All were shot with a medium format Holga toy camera. Enjoy! © Patrick Bresnahan


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