The Yogurt Vendor, Hair GoGo, and Missing the Mark ( 5 Street Photos )

the yogurt vendorhairgogoyogurt2yogurt3yogurt4

In the first photo above, you’ll note the vendor has bunches of  bottles all bundled up and ready to be sold in bulk. These are bottles of  Yakuruto,  a very popular yogurt drink in Korea. It’s commonly given out at pharmacies and in cafeterias. In fact, I get one of these drinks each time I pick up a batch of film from a camera shop up in Chungmuro, Seoul, for the owner hands each customer a Yakuruto as they shop. Chances are, I was sipping on one myself when I picked up the very roll this picture came from.

I snapped these street scenes some time ago, just over a year if I’m not mistaken. With the vendor, I remember being drawn to his expression, the simple shapes of the cart and the overall atmosphere ( it was taken in a market ). However, I didn’t get close enough to him to make me be super ecstatic with the whole image. I also feel that the lady in the ‘Hair GoGo’ picture is too far away to leave an impact. I realized this and walked in closer to shoot again, but as I did so she returned to her salon chair. I also feel a little unsatisfied by some of the other shots. There’s a missing element from them, something that really stands out. I’m going to try and post shots like these from time to time in order to remind me to be more decisive with my street photos.

Don’t get me wrong – I like these photos well enough, but I want to try and capture stories and images that leave a more lasting impression. What do you all think? Did I miss the mark with the shots above? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Be critical and honest, I can handle it! And, if you’d like to see some of my other candid street photos check out this link here. I’m personally fond of these three different posts. Some of those are several year old photos  – you may not have seen them if you’re relatively new to the blog.

Well, the shots up above in this post were taken just over a year ago with a Rolleiflex Automat K4A on Kodak Tri-X 400 medium format film, pushed to ISO 1600 in the darkroom with D76. Enjoy, and don’t be afraid to give some contructive criticism : ) ©Patrick Bresnahan


7 thoughts on “The Yogurt Vendor, Hair GoGo, and Missing the Mark ( 5 Street Photos )

  1. Well I´m not very experienced in Street photography. I really like those 5 shoots but I know what you mean with your selfcriticism.
    When your out it´s always a balancing act getting closer to have a more powerfull image our getting caught or to pushy and ruin the whole thing.
    Greets Peter

  2. I’m rarely satisfied with my attempts at ‘street photography’, often for the reasons in your self-criticism. However, from the comments so far maybe I should be a bit more satisfied. For what it’s worth, I too think it’s the expression which makes the first/second pics so I would want to crop in much more; the third doesn’t do anything for me; I really like the fourth shot but would like to see the woman a bit more prominent; same comment on the fifth; I really like the ‘social comment’ in the final shot. About the only street shots of mine with which I’ve been a bit happy are a series on ‘photographs of people taking photographs’ as although any of the individual shots was not much to write home about, as a series they achieved what I was after; also on Tri-X, but rated ‘normally’, in D-76. Congratulations on ‘street photography’ on medium format; I’ve only ever attempted it on something pocketable, eg the Cosina CX-2 used in the series mentioned (my post of 14 August 2014).

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