Montogmery Ghost Town, Magnolia Mill Infrared


Montgomery was a mining town founded around 1860 when gold was discovered in the area. After a decade or so, the gold ran dry and prospectors moved on to richer lands. Only Magnolia Mill remains.

This ghost town mill was shot with a Mamiya RZ67 on expired (9-2012) Efke IR 820 black and white infrared film, Hoya R72 filtered, and personally developed with stock D76 in the darkroom. Enjoy! © Patrick Bresnahan

4 thoughts on “Montogmery Ghost Town, Magnolia Mill Infrared

    • Yes, black and white infrared films require a red, dark red, or infrared filter. Without filtering, black and white IR films will simply yield traditional black and white images. The infrared filter works best, in my opinion. It’s very dark, allowing very little visible light to inter onto the film. This means that mostly IR light passes through, giving a ‘true’ infrared look ( jet black skies and water, bright, glowing foliage ). I’ve used the same filter, a Hoya R72, with nearly all of my black and white infrared shots. For color Infrared film, I use a Tiffen Yellow #12 filter. Without using a yellow or orange filter, color infrared film pictures turn out all pink.

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