Lazy Sunday ( 3 Animal Photos )

lazysundaydubu lazysundayjindo lazysundaystreetcat

It’s a dreary rainy Sunday here in Korea. I’ve got tons of grading to catch up on ( teacher life ), but I can’t seem to get moving. I’m wishing I were back home in the States, lounging around with family and stuffed on stuffing and turkey. The homesickness comes on strong during the holidays.

To get me moving, I’ve decided to blog as a transition out of bed.  Here’s a post of some rather lazy looking animals. The yawning cat is my beloved Dubu, my adopted pet. The snoozing kitty I stumbled upon while on a walk. And the Jindo dogs were taken right outside my house in the Korean countryside. All were taken with a Mamiya RZ67 on either Kodak Tmax 100 or 400 film. As with all my black and white, I developed the film in the darkroom with D76. Enjoy, and let me know what you do to get motivated to stop being so lazy. Happy Thanksgiving, happy lazy Sunday! © Patrick Bresnahan


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