Far From Home, Reinecker Ridge


I’ve been mighty homesick lately, but I’ve been too busy to let it effect me. I have too much to focus on. Mainly, my attention has been honed in on teaching English conversation by day and studying Master’s courses by night. Weekends are for skateboarding / photo trips, giving some extra love to my cat Dubu, cleaning up the house, and catching up on both grading and Master’s assignments. Staying busy keeps the homesickness at bay, but when I look at the photo above I long for home. This shot was taken not too far from our backyard, along Reinecker Ridge, in Fairplay, CO, a deep country town. The land is absolutely stunning to me, and I hope you enjoy this little slice I’ve shared with you all today. This shot represents the first time I’ve tried infrared film in the Mamiya RZ67. I’m definitely going to be doing it again in the near future, for the 6×7 format is amazing along with the Mamiya’s powerful lens.

Also, one of my photos was published in a Range Finders book. You can pick up a copy for $14 in the link here. The theme is ‘Far From Home,’ and it features 80 analog photos from amazing photographers all over the globe. Don’t miss your chance to pick it up! Well, this shot here was taken with a Mamiya RZ67 in Fairplay, Colorado, on expired ( 3 / 2010 ) Efke IR 820 black and white infrared film, Hoya R72 filtered, and personally developed in the darkroom with stock D76. Enjoy, and let me know how you keep from being homesick! © Patrick Bresnahan


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