International Film Swap, Pinhole Infrared ( 4 photos )



I recently participated in an international film swap with Mr. Jesús Joglar. If you haven’t checked out his pinhole photography work, drop everything and head over to his site. It’s utterly amazing. I’m especially fond of his solargraphy.

If you’re not familiar with film swapping, let me fill you in. Basically, a roll of film will be taken by one photographer in one location. The film is then rewound back to frame one, the beginning. From there, the roll of film will be sent to another photographer in a different location. He or she will then proceed to load it up and take some pictures, thereby double exposing the film. The results are totally unpredictable. It’s quite exciting, especially when the shots turn out well.

Of the 8 pictures we got on the roll ( 6×9 on medium format film ), these 4 are my favorites. Despite doing very little planning, and not knowing beforehand what Jesús captured, we somehow managed to get some pleasing double exposures : )

These four pictures were taken with two different pinhole cameras ( Jesús’ 8 Banners and my Holga Pinhole Wide ) in two different locations – Barcelona, Spain and Anseong, South Korea. The photos were captured with expired ( 3 / 2013 ) Efke IR 820 black and white infrared film, Hoya R72 filtered and personally developed in the darkroom with stock D76. I hope you enjoy our results. We’ll be doing this again in the near future, only next time it’ll be 6×6 format and with cameras that actually have lenses ^^ Take care, everyone!



4 thoughts on “International Film Swap, Pinhole Infrared ( 4 photos )

  1. Before I read the text I was asking myself what are those photos and could not figure out what they were, after reading the text, very interesting

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