Become the River Sway, Become Become


Here we have a recent photo from my trip home to Colorado. I shot it in some random stream. For this, I tried out using Rollei Retro 80s film and an infrared filter. In the past, I’d used this film with simply a red filter and got pleasing results. However, my exposure time was off this time around when using the darker, more opaque infrared filter. This stream shot was one of the only photos that turned out spot on. Most of the rest were well overexposed, so I’ll have to do some more experimentation with Rollei Retro films and IR filters. I’m accustomed to shooting Efke IR black and white infrared films and can get properly exposed photos with that brand, but I’m trying to be well rounded and I’ve seen online that Rollei Retro 80s can yield nifty IR images. Plus, Efke is no longer around having gone out of business about two years ago. If I want to keep shooting black and white infrared film in the future, I just might have to try my luck with other brands.

As I scanned the photo above today, some song lyrics by Iron and Wine came to mind. They entail the connectedness of everything, how man is rooted and melded to the earth ( this topic also came up in another post here ), and the importance of reinventing oneself. I’ll leave you all with the link to that particular song below. For now, become the river flow, become what you will become. This image was captured with a Rolleiflex Automat A on Retro Rollei 80s film, Hoya R72 filtered. The exposure time was roughly 10 seconds and I developed the film with D76. Enjoy! © Patrick Bresnahan

Iron and Wine – Your Fake Name is Good Enough for Me

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