Lake Chihuaha, Color Infrared…Colorado Sneak Peak

color ir CO sneak peak 1

Hey everyone, I hope you’re well and that you haven’t forgotten about me!! I want to send out another quick thanks for all those wonderful people who helped me travel home to be with loved ones after my father’s sudden passing. You are all super superb people!

Well, I’m back on the grind in Korea. The school semester has started up again, and I’m soon to be busy. I’ve now officially developed all the film I shot while back home in Colorado. Now, after all that time in the darkroom, I’m working on scanning. The photo up above was from the first roll I scanned upon arriving back in Korea. I still have a ton to scan, including more color / black and white infrared photos, pinhole, toy camera snaps, double exposures, everything. Before I got too deep into all that, I just wanted to remind you that I’m still here and that I will be sharing my analog photography work soon! So, please stick around : )

With that, I’ll leave you with a sneak peak into my Colorado film photos. This shot was taken at Lake Chihuahua, an alpine lake above the tree line. I believe the elevation is just around 12,000 feet / 3,660 meters. The hike up to the lake was incredibly beautiful, and my brother caught and released a very very pretty cutthroat trout up there. Check my instagram to see it ( @pjbreaze ). I’m not too much of a fisherman myself, so I just stuck to taking photos while my brothers, true anglers, did all the fly fishing. Anyhow, enjoy this color infrared snap for now! It was taken with a Canon AE-1 / 15mm fisheye lens on expired Kodak Aerochrome color infrared film, yellow filtered, and E6 processed as slides. Take care, everyone ^^ © Patrick Bresnahan

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