When Light Leaks Work Well, a Comparison in Two Photos

light leak comparison 1light leak comparison 2

At times, light leaks can really accent toy camera photos. Other times, they can be distracting. I’ve even had light leaks completely ruin photos, leaving no sort of discernible image. More often than not, however, I find light leaks beautiful. To me, the first photo up above looks really cool with the light leak. Somehow, a bluish light was cast on the right side, and the left side has a red tone. We get a warm / cool effect. The second photo was taken right around the same time, in the same location, under the same lighting conditions. The second photo has no light leak and looks like a typical Holga photo.

The mysterious light leak is one reason, among many, that I continue to shoot film. Digital is too predictable. You look down and instantly see what was captured. There’s little excitement or anticipation. Now, with film, by having some light spill onto your image you get more than just a photo. You get a random, pleasant, organic surprise. Well, I plan on looking through the archives and finding some more light leaked images to share with you all soon enough. For now, enjoy these two photos – one with light leaks, one without. Let me know which, if either, you prefer! These two snaps were captured with a Holga on Kodak Ektar 100 film. Take good care, everyone ~ © Patrick Bresnahan


2 thoughts on “When Light Leaks Work Well, a Comparison in Two Photos

    • Haha, yup I know what you mean. I only tend to get light leaks with my Holga. I’ve had light leaking into my LC-A before, but it was just because of the foam on the inside got a bit mangled.

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