Homeward Bound, So….

home ir

Tickets purchased, flights booked. I’m coming home. My utmost love and appreciation goes out to all those beautiful souls who are helped me on my way home to be with family after my father’s passing. Thank you dearly! 고마워요~!!!

The photo here is of our home, where we live in the deep countryside of Colorado. I love it there. I love my family who live there. And I’ll be with them soon, partly in thanks to some of you who were so kind in purchasing my artwork. You know who you are, and you are amazing. Thanks again!

My house here was captured with a Rolleiflex Automat A on expired ( Sept. 2010 ) Efke IR 820 black and white infrared film, Hoya R72 filtered and personally souped up in the darkroom with stock D76. I’ll most likely be taking a short hiatus from posting till I get back to life and work in Korea come late August. Enjoy the rest of your summer, everyone! © Patrick Bresnahan

3 thoughts on “Homeward Bound, So….

  1. I’m glad that my small donation helped to get you home. We Coloradans stick together.

    I was much younger than you when I lost my father, but I can understand the desire to be around the rest of your family. I’m glad you were able to raise enough funds to help bring you home.

    Your family home looks wonderful … and, from the scenery, you’re right: deep countryside! What part of CO is that? Seems like the plains … but, maybe a valley in the SW mountains? Our landscape here in CO is so diverse it is often difficult to tell … unless there are lots of pine tress.

    Seeing this lovely photo really emphasizes how far away Korea is — not just in distance, but in terms of the sense of Home.

    Enjoy your visit — and, hopefully there will be photos!

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