Holga Nights, Dreamy Nights ( 4 Photos )


Well, my fundraiser only has roughly 15 hours remaining! If you’d like to buy art and help me fly home to be with loved ones, please visit this page. Thank you so much~!!!

Here we have four photos I captured in my sleepy town of Anseong, South Korea. I took them last Fall, roughly around the same time that I took this photo.  I was so pleased with that particular black and white photo that I overlooked the Holga photos that you see here. There’s something about this toy camera’s plastic lens coupled with foggy nights and long exposures that yields such dreamy images. I still think I’m more fond of the black and white foggy night photo linked previously, but these are pretty cool too. I hope you enjoy them! These dreamy foggy night photos were captured with a Holga on expired ( by one year ) Fuji Reala 100 film. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet! © Patrick Bresnahan


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