Beauty Doesn’t Fade… (Part One, Color Neg – 11 Photos )

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Beauty doesn’t fade; it’s only transient.

Well, I already wrote extensively about my cherry blossom concept in part two – check it out here. My main focus was shooting on expired Fuji Astia film and cross processing it to yield such pretty, feminine pinkish purple photos, but I also wanted to have a go at regular color film too. The photos of this post here were captured on regular color negative film, Kodak Ektar 100. It’s certainly one of my recent favorites. I just love its tones and saturation.

Here are several photos that were captured around the same time and in the same manner. I’m posting them here because they don’t necessarily fit the cherry blossom concept, but I still feel they’re worthy of being shared.

honorabe ektar 2 honorable ektar 1 honorable ektar 3

I hope you’ve enjoyed my cherry blossom images. I certainly had a blast conceptualizing and capturing them. Take good care, everyone! © Patrick Bresnahan


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