As a Leaf…Cloistered in a Curl ( Four Photos and a Poem )




First off, my fundraising has been successful thus far, but I still haven’t been able to afford a flight home. If you would like to contribute and purchase any of my photos, please visit my indiegogo site here. My deepest appreciation goes out to those who have already given their love and support.

It’s now the rainy season in Korea. Honestly, it’s one of my least favorite times of the year here. The air is still, stagnant, and very humid. We’re getting the type of heat and humidity that just saps my energy, leaving me a bit lethargic. However, I’ve been keeping busy in the darkroom – developing recent rolls and printing off 11×14 prints that some friends have so graciously purchased. I’m very humbled and thankful for all the support that has come my way. I hope to be able to travel home and be with loved ones come August.

Here we have four recent pictures taken during the rainy season with a Mamiya RZ67 on Kodak Ektar 100 film. I’m still absolutely infatuated with this camera. It’s powerful lens has enabled me to capture some, to me at least, beautiful macro images. How interesting it is to see life and nature up close. It’s akin to entering another world.

I’d like to leave you all with a poem written by my late grandfather. He was a World War II veteran, father of seven ( including my mom ), a story teller, poet, and a remarkable man. He used to bind his own books, creating the hard covers, and filling the pages with typewritten poetry. This poem comes from one such handmade book. Enjoy for now, and keep cool out there! © Patrick Bresnahan


As a Leaf…


Cloistered in a curl

Green and pale,

Elixer, pulsed veins

With life burst full

Length and breadth to

Joys of warm air, and,

The light of heaven’s stars

At night.

Drinking spring rain in

Warmth and light.

With evening dew as

Cool dense smothering shade

Discourage fireflies amid

The boughs, until the

Loving sun, guardian of earth’s

Life, returns.

All nature awaits,

As a leaf,

To bloom glory full in

Its radiant smile; and

Sense the love in its

Arrival rustle a path amid

My kin.

By the steep angle in

The sky I know your

Attendance to my wants,

And, needs will cool;

Fading the green of life

Into brindled orange

And hues of frost’s

Selective brush.

Now, nips the bite of

Your frosted glance

Severing my grip on

Earth’s eternal bough;

As, I, slip away on a

Vagrant wind….to lie

Cool and crisp amid your

Lingering fragrance.

D.W. Symancyk


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