…and a Humble Plea for Help. All Photos Currently for Sale. Please Read.

pop 9

As I mentioned in the last post, I’m back in Korea now wrapping up my semester in the wake of my father’s untimely passing. Everything has been so chaotic in my life these past few weeks, and I’m really struggling. Although I am grateful to have been able to go home and perform my father’s funeral along with my mother and brothers, I still feel the need to return again and be with them and other loved ones. We need to comfort and support one another. We need to recount stories of my father, peer through those old albums and boxes teeming with photographs from a time before, and just be with each other. I have some vacation time coming up, but at the moment I cannot afford to fly back home when considering my monthly loan payments for undergrad along with my upcoming Master’s tuition.

So, I’ve started a fundraiser. I am currently selling all photographs you see here on the blog. The proceeds will go directly to purchasing a plane ticket back home. There are a wide variety of photo and price choices, starting with 5×7 prints from the local lab to 11×14 fiber based paper, fine art prints that I will do personally, by hand, in the darkroom. If you are an avid follower of this blog, if you’ve learned something from it, if you want to support a struggling artist, if you believe in analog photography, or if you just like a particular photo here, please consider making a purchase. It will help me tremendously at this time.

To learn more about my story and to see how you can be of help, please visit my fundraiser site here.

If your funding is tight like mine at the moment, you can still help out by spreading the word : )

Lastly, the photo on this post is of my father in his studio. He was passionate about art, just like I am. Whereas my fervor is for film photography, my dad’s zeal was for watercolor painting. I wish he were still here to work on that next masterpiece. Yet, even though he’s gone, he still lives on through his works of art, his words, his devotion, his love. My father has left a great legacy behind, and I hope to do the same. Much love to you all.

~ Patrick Bresnahan


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