Color Infrared Portrait – Frank

Color Infrared Portrait - Frank

Here’s a shot of Frank taken on expired ( 12/2000 ) Kodak EIR color infrared film. I took it a few weeks ago. Getting properly exposed slides with this film can be a bit tricky. Due to the Kodak EIR being so old, I purposefully overexposed most of the images by a stop or so. Last year, I also shot a test roll of very expired color infrared film. That roll was mainly metered at ISO 400, 200, and 100. I found that in nice even lighting, most of the shots would be properly exposed at ISO 200 or 400. I kept that test roll in mind, and decided to shoot mostly at ISO 200 this time around.

If you’re fortunate enough to find some fresh color infrared film, most folks out on the web recommend to meter at ISO 400 with a yellow filter. Either way, be careful. Kodak color infrared films are really rare, and it might be a good idea to bracket your shots to ensure some good results. You might have to sacrifice a frame or two, but it’s worth it since expired film can be a bit unpredictable. Also, remember that a yellow or orange filter is necessary when shooting this film. These filters also soak up some light before it hits the film. I use a yellow #12 filter. With this type of yellow filter, one has to compensate a stop. Keep this in mind if you are shooting with a completely analog camera. If your camera has automatic exposure, TTL, then you should be good to go.

Sorry for getting so technical. Hopefully my findings will help someone out there. I’d love to see how others around the world are using this ultra rare film. If by chance you’ve stumbled upon some and have a question or two about how to handle it, feel free to ask. I still have much to learn, but I’d be happy to pass down anything I’ve figured out about shooting expired color infrared films. There’s quite a bit more to keep in mind that I didn’t cover here. Anyhow, enjoy this color infrared portrait of Frank. I captured it with a Canon AE-1 / 50mm lens on very expired, very beautiful Kodak EIR color infrared film, yellow #12 filtered and E6 processed as slides. © Patrick Bresnahan

P.S. Strangely enough, Frank’s shirt was red in reality – that is, under visible light. His glasses were brown. 신기해 ㅎㅎ

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