The Road, 200th Post

The Road, 200th Post

With this photo, I’m marking my 200th post. Thanks for tagging along with me – I appreciate all your support : ) I hope to have given you all good reason to believe that film photography still deserves a place in the world.
This shot here was captured in Colorado with a Noblex Pro 150 E2 panoramic camera on Kodak Portra 400 film. You can check out another road related post that I’m fond of here. Keep truckin’. © Patrick Bresnahan

16 thoughts on “The Road, 200th Post

    • Cheers! I hope film will be around forever. I fear the day that it’s no longer produced. I’m hoping that more folks will become interested in shooting film. My goal is to produce quality film photos in a number of formats and styles to show what film can do, to show that it’s not an antiquated art.

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