Shallow Depth of Field, Minimum Focus Distance

Shallow Depth of Field, Minimum Focus Distance

I’ve been having such a blast shooting with the Mamiya RZ67. It’s certainly going to be hard for me to part ways with such a lovely camera. The professor who lent it to me just might have to pry it from my hands come the end of the semester.

I mentioned yesterday that the Mamiya Sekor 110mm F2.8 lens is the sharpest I’ve ever used. I wasn’t kidding around. To test it out, I went ahead and shot some photos of the cherry blossom pedals that made their fluttering flight, finding their resting place on the ground. The shot here was taken with the aperture as open as she’ll go on this lens, F2.8. I got as close to the pedals as I possibly could, using the minimum focus distance of 1.74 inches ( 53cm ). The result can be seen up above. Certainly, I’ve never captured a shallower depth of field with any other camera / lens, although this shot comes to mind. Despite having the aperture fully opened with the camera pointed at the cherry blossom pedals, the center of the image remains razor sharp. I tried this a few times, all with pleasing results. However, I won’t be posting them now because they are more or less the same – only with the focus being at different parts of the frame. Please enjoy this shot for now. It was captured with a Mamiya RZ67 Proii / Sekor 110mm F2.8 on Kodak Tmax 100 film, personally developed in the darkroom with D76. ©Patrick Bresnahan


6 thoughts on “Shallow Depth of Field, Minimum Focus Distance

  1. Hat’s off sir!
    Good shot, smashing example of short depth of field and great darkroom work! D-76 used to be my all around developer but I can’t find it anymore in Lisbon so I’m now using ID-11.

    • Thanks ^^ Yes, I use D76 for developing all of my black and white / black and white infrared films. D76 is the easiest developer to find in Korea. I’d be interested to try out some other developers, but I haven’t done so yet. I’m so used to using D76 that it would take a bit of extra effort to try anything else. I’ve heard that ID-11 is essentially the same as D76, just packaged differently.

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