Star Trail Aspen

Star Trail Aspen, a Beautiful Mistake

Here we have another star trail photo that I captured while visiting my home in Colorado this past winter. While taking star photos, I tried my best to shoot after blue hour and before the moon rose. I wanted to capture nothing but the stars and the ambient light they cast upon the earth. I tried this method, capturing the stars streaking over our home and also some aspen trees in our yard. Since the aspens were somewhat close to the house, I turned off all the lights inside so that their artificial glow wouldn’t effect the final image. I set up the Rolleiflex on a tripod, put the camera on the bulb setting, did my best to focus in the inky darkness, and used a cable release to take a very long exposure. Well, I got hungry while I was taking the photo seen here. I went to the kitchen and made myself a snack. While doing so, I forgot to turn the lights off. The light from the kitchen seeped out of the loft window very faintly. Even though it was barely emitting any light upon the tree, this made the tree bright in the final image since it was such a long exposure – roughly 90 minutes if I recall correctly. So, I was a little unsuccessful at capturing only star light, but I think the mistake of leaving the kitchen light on resulted in a beautiful, somewhat surreal photograph. This star trail photo was captured with a Rolleiflex Automat A on Kodak Ektar 100 film. You can check out another photo of the same nature here. That one was taken in Korea and also features some ambient light seepage. Enjoy! ©Patrick Bresnahan


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