Fisheye Portraits, Eun Ji

Fisheye Portraits, Eun Ji

Before having a practice photo shoot in the studio with Eun Ji, I snapped a quick photo of her with a Fisheye lens. It turned out to be one of my favorite shots from the session, even though it’s not a traditional studio portrait. I’ve found that taking pictures of people with a fisheye lens can be a bit challenging. Sometimes they come out great because you can get really close to the person while still capturing a bit of their background. However, if the photographer is not careful, the lens can distort the person’s figure in odd ways, leading to the subject looking less than flattering. I now try to be really careful when shooting fisheye portraits. I’ve had some pretty cool results, which I’m sure to share here in due time. Until then, enjoy this studio photo. I captured it with a Canon AE-1 / 15mm fisheye lens on Kentmere 100 bulk film, personally developed in the darkroom with D76. © Patrick Bresnahan



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