Silver Shade

Silver Shade

Here’s one more Polaroid One600 photo I took recently of Hwa. I tried out some black and white Impossible Project film called UV+ 600 Silver Shade. I shot it a week or two ago and the film had expired in October 2011. Apparently, from what I’ve read online, even if the film had been fresh it wouldn’t have produced a true black and white image. This batch of Impossible Project film always seems to come out sepia toned. I haven’t tried any other kinds, but it would be nice to get a more traditional black and white image. Perhaps I’ll give it another go in the future, especially once I get my SX70 back from the repair shop.

I think the rollers of this Polaroid One600 might need some cleaning. There’s a white streak going down the middle. Anyone have an explanation for this? I’m still a bit new at using old Polaroid cameras. Any advice is welcome! I also noticed this a bit on the color photos ( although it’s nowhere near as obvious ) I took of Hwa, which you can check out here.  Some Mamiya RZ67 photos I took of her are here, and some black and white infrared portraits of her can be seen here. Enjoy! © Patrick Bresnahan

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