Puppy Cafe with Hwa, 5 Polaroid Snaps on Impossible Film

Puppy Cafe with Hwa, 4 Polaroid Snaps one600 1one600 3one600 4one600 5

Here are five Polaroid photos I shot last weekend. I took them with a Polaroid One600 on slightly expired ( Oct. 2013 )  Impossible Project color protection film in and around a puppy cafe. Essentially, the places work just like any other cafe. An assortment of coffees and teas are served. The only difference is that there are oodles and oodles of dogs running around, tails wagging, heads eager to be patted. The cafe also sells snacks that customers can give to the puppies. I’m not sure if this whole puppy cafe thing has caught on around the western world, but I know that both puppy and kitty cafes can be found in Korea and Japan. As an animal lover, I truly enjoyed my visit – and the coffee wasn’t bad either!

Well, I’m sad to admit that I’ve had this Polaroid One600 for over a year and never got around to using it. A buddy of mine didn’t want it and I had an extra tripod at the time, so we made a trade. Since then, I’d mostly shot instant film with a Polaroid SX-70 and Lomo LC-A with instant back. However, my SX-70 has been finicky lately and the LC-A’s instant back only takes mini film, so I decided to give the One600 a whirl ( I’m a sucker for large square photos – hence my love for medium format 6×6 photography…notice all my Holga and Rolleiflex posts ). Anyhow, I’m really happy I tried out this Polaroid camera! It seems to be in good working order, and I love the style of images it can produce. I plan on both getting my SX-70 serviced and picking up some black and white instant film for the One600. If I get some decent results, I’ll be sure to share them. If your keen to check out some other portraits I shot of Hwa, only using black and white infrared film, head over here. I haven’t posted too many instant film photos just yet, but you can check those posts out here, here, and here. Enjoy! © Patrick Bresnahan


4 thoughts on “Puppy Cafe with Hwa, 5 Polaroid Snaps on Impossible Film

    • Thanks, these shots are straight from the scanner. I don’t like to alter or photoshop any of my images. The Impossible Project still seems to have a long way to go before they can make film as vibrant and crisp as the original polaroids.

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