Around Anseong, 7 Photos

Around Anseong, 7 Photos around anseong 2around anseong 1around anseong 3around anseong 7around anseong 5around anseong 6

I’m still peering through all the film photos I shot while stateside. It’s been a bit of a challenge to figure out which photos to post and share. Please give me some time to sort it all out.

In the meantime, check out these seven shots I took and developed last week. Since they all came from the one roll I took, it was easy to find ones I liked and fit this theme ( Some of the other shots from this roll were model / portrait type photos ). For my trip home pictures, I have to scour through folder after folder to find the ones I consider worth sharing : )

These seven photos were all taken around downtown Anseong, South Korea. I shot them with a Rolleiflex Automat A on Kodak Tri-X film that I pushed to ISO 1600 in the darkroom with D76. I particularly like the first one, of the old lady cradling a box atop her head. No doubt, Koreans work hard and retirement, for many, is either not an option or it’s not desired. Some want to keep active and continue grinding away by choice. I also like the last shot, which was taken in the local market. In the background you can see a lady with a bundled up dog around her waist. Koreans seem to simply adore little dogs because they’re cute. I’ve seen all sorts of hoodies and sweaters designed for these dogs. Koreans even paint their nails and dye their fur all sorts of wacky colors like neon pink and green. However, big dogs, especially the Korean Jindo breed, are often neglected, chained up outside in makeshift, squalid huts or cages. These dogs have to undergo brutally harsh winters and scorching summers. The Jindo is not kept as a member of the family. Rather, they are utilized only to guard homes or businesses. Rarely have I seen them given the love and attention that all living creatures deserve. I can’t recall a single time I’ve ever seen a Jindo dog on a leash out for a walk – yet I see them chained up every single day. I’ve taken a number of photos that depict how both larger and smaller dogs are treated in Korea. I plan on turning it into a sort of photo essay which is bound to be sad. I’ll be posting the results here soon enough. Hope all you dog lovers out there don’t shed too many tears once I’ve posted that. Anyhow, for now, please enjoy these 7 photos that were captured around my current dwelling place in Anseong, South Korea. © Patrick Bresnahan


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