Party Party Party, Part 1

Party Party Party, Part 1

I’ve been going through some old Holga photos lately, and I’ve noticed a trend. It seems I like taking pictures, particularly double exposures, of people partying. In light of the holiday season, I plan on running several such photos here throughout the next few weeks. I need some time to track all those pictures down. I’ve been taking film photos since Spring of 2011, and it’s only been in the past 7 months or so, since I invested in my own scanner, that I started properly categorizing and organizing my images by time, location, camera, and film type. I had my photos scanned at the local photo lab prior to getting my own scanner. The lab scans were often a mess. I’ve noticed poor cropping on numerous occasions. Often there would be large black bars on one side of the photo. This has prevented me from posting some photos of which I’m fond. Once I track down the negatives to those particular photos, I’ll go ahead and re-scan and share them here.

This winter I plan on picking through my archives, sorting out and organizing all those photos – both the digital scans and the physical negatives which I keep in sleeves and tucked away in binders. It will be a pretty big, but worthy, undertaking.

This particular shot was taken at a club in Cheonan, South Korea. I’m not into dancing or drinking all that much, but that time I tagged along to a friend’s birthday party. I went ahead and tried double exposures with the Holga. The shot of the girl was taken with, I believe, a yellow flash. The background was a long exposure ( on the bulb setting ) of all the moving neon lights. I’m not too sure what film I used, but I’d like to find out since the colors are so warm. Koreans work and study hard, so to combat fatigue and stress they let their hair down and go a bit wild by night.  If you’re keen on checking out some of my other double exposure Holga shots, check out this one and this one or this one. Happy holidays, everyone! © Patrick Bresnahan


3 thoughts on “Party Party Party, Part 1

    • Happy holidays to you too! I’m glad you’re liking these double exposure pictures ^^ Well, I’ve had my own scanner for some time now. I’d say that about half or a bit more of my photos on this site were personally scanned at home.

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