Introducing Dubu ( 3 pictures )

Introducing Dubu ( 3 pictures )

dubu 2dubu 3

The internet certainly could use some more cat photos. So, without further ado, let me introduce you all to 두부 ( pronounced ‘dooboo’ or ‘dubu’ ), my newly adopted cat. Dubu means ‘tofu’ in Korean, and I thought it sounded like a super cute name. She’s very gentle and sweet. She never bites or scratches. She does whine a bit for food, but it’s tolerable. Her cuteness makes up for it. I’m very glad that I can provide her with a safe, warm home. Dubu is a great companion, for I live alone out in the Korean countryside.
I shot these three photos on expired ( 7 / 2010 ) AGFA APX 100 film. I bought the film in bulk and, for the first time, used a bulk loader to wind it into my own film cassettes. It’s a really fun process, and it saves on costs too. Since I shot these indoors under low lighting conditions, I had to open up the aperture of my Canon AE-1 as wide its nifty 50 lens will go – f 1.8. Due to such a wide aperture, there’s lots of bokeh and a very shallow depth of field. If you’ve ever shot with an AE-1, you’ll know that the shutter isn’t exactly quiet. In fact, it’s rather loud. I love the sound it makes, but it startled Dubu every time. She’d move to hone in on the sound, resulting in several blurry photos. However, I’m glad she kept still enough for me to take the shots above. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to loving on her and hopefully capturing some more Dubu portraits in the near future. I’d particularly like to get some medium format shots of her taken with my Rolleiflex. All in good time, I suppose. The photos here were captured with a Canon AE-1 / 50mm prime lens on expired AGFA APX 100 film, personally developed in the darkroom with D76. © Patrick Bresnahan


27 thoughts on “Introducing Dubu ( 3 pictures )

  1. Oh, what a lovely little cutie, congrats to her!!
    Animals do make wonder, I could’t live without my dogs… Miracles happens every day.
    I have loaded my own film too a couple of times, and it is really fun. Economical and interesting too. Very nice to alter the length of the film after your own requirement. In Sweden we have “only” Kodak Tri-x and Tmax in bulk, but if you hoover the net you can find lots of goodies.
    It is getting colder and darker here in Sweden now, and I have managed to clear out some issues with my enlarger, so I’m getting ready to do some darkroom work now in the winter… At last… You have a darkroom too, right? Do you use it a lot?
    Have a lovely weekend!

    • Yes, animals do wondrous things for us! My family had a black labrador retriever as I was growing up. He was a constant source of joy and comfort for our family. I miss him, and I wish I had the spare time to care for a dog of my own. Cats tend to be a little more independent, and Dubu seems to manage just fine on her own when I’m off at work during the day.
      Indeed, bulk loading film is a lot of fun. It’s the same in Korea – only Tmax and Tri-X can be found. I’ll probably pick up some Tri-X in the future since it’s such a versatile film ( easily pushed and pulled ) and because it has that classic grainy look suitable for street photography. For now I’m shooting this expired AGFA APX 100 and fresh Tmax 100 that I bulk loaded. I borrowed a bulk loader from my photography professor. Everything except for the counter works fine. I accidentally loaded too much film into each canister on my first attempt. This was a bit unfortunate because I wasn’t able to fit the entire roll onto the reel when I developed the film, so I had to cut the film in the changing room and therefore sacrificed a frame. I fixed it by connecting an overloaded roll to an empty canister and making two short rolls. I should do a better job on my second attempt with some Kentmere 400 that I picked up online for cheap.

      Yes I have 24 hour access to a darkroom. I don’t own it since it belongs to the university I work at, but I can use it freely and I’m very grateful for the privilege. I get in there nearly every week to develop black and white film. I don’t print as often as I’d like, but I’m going to change that in the near future : ) Good luck on your darkroom endeavors this winter, Marie~!!

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