Sunspots, Double Exposure

Sunspots, Double Exposure

I haven’t been posting too many photos taken with my LC-A lately, for I haven’t been able to shoot with it for a few months. The shutter stopped firing consistently. I’d have a roll of 36 exposures come out with around 5-8 pictures missing. The shutter would make a clicking sound like normal, and the film would be able to advance, but the shutter wouldn’t actually open 100 percent of the time. The times that the shutter wouldn’t open was random, and it got a little frustrating not knowing if an image was captured or not. So, the LC-A is currently under repairs. It’s a really fun and versatile camera and I hope to get it back in working order soon enough.

Here’s a mighty old double exposure I just stumbled upon while digging through long forgotten files. I must have taken it back in 2011. At the time I captured this photo, I saw how the light from that lamp played out on the wall above. I noticed the negative space in between the rays, and I thought it’d work well for a double exposure if I centered the subject of my second shot in that darker, central space. Double exposures can be a bit tricky. They require some foresight, but they can turn out really well if one can remember where the darker and lighter areas are in each photo. I’m pleased that I found this old picture. Perhaps I should look through my old files more often!  This one was captured with a Lomo LC-A on who knows what color negative film. © Patrick Bresnahan


10 thoughts on “Sunspots, Double Exposure

  1. hey, i’ve got a similar problem with my lomo lc-a but i think mine has a problem with battery contact becuase i notice sometimes the lights just stop working (but i notice this when i already shot a couple of photos, of course)

    • I see. Have you tried switching out the batteries? Your LC-A might work fine with a fresh set of batteries. Mine had to be thoroughly cleaned out. I think I took it to the beach one too many times ^^ I just got the camera back a few days ago and I put a roll of Tri-X through it. The negatives came out looking healthy with no frames missing! I’m excited to be able to shoot with the LC-A again. It’s a really fun camera – especially for taking candid street photos.

      • yeah sure i tried it, i’ve got a whole pack of batteries but there seems to be a problem somewhere else. i thought maybe it was a problem with cold weather and batteries went off and than when i got inside it was ok. I don’t know, maybe the problem will fix itself

      • You might have a sticky shutter like me. I’m not entirely sure, but your camera may need to be serviced. See if there’s a camera repair shop nearby and have it looked at if possible. Best of luck~!

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