Color Infrared Portrait – Murad and Ammar

Color Infrared Portrait - Murad and Ammar

Here we have another color infrared film portrait. This time I photographed Murad and Ammar, some excellent people that I have come to know recently. You can check out two other color infrared portraits here and here.  This shot was captured with a Rolleiflex Automat A on the painfully rare Kodak Aerochrome color infrared film, Tiffen Yellow #12 filtered and E6 ( slide film ) processed. © Patrick Bresnahan

6 thoughts on “Color Infrared Portrait – Murad and Ammar

    • I’m very glad you think so! I really like the tones in these infrared photos too. I’m reminded that I should shoot this color infrared film a bit more often on cloudy days. Those purplish / bluish colors in the background look so tranquil to me ^^

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