Brontosaurus Architecture

Brontosaurus Architecture

This was shot at Hankyong National University in Anseong, South Korea with a Canon AE-1 / 15mm fisheye lens on AGFA CT 100 Precisa slide film, E6 processed. Shooting with a fisheye lens can be so much fun! © Patrick Bresnahan


2 thoughts on “Brontosaurus Architecture

  1. Love the effect! I’ve never had the chance to use a fish-eye lens, although I’ve seen many instances where I think it had been mis-used. This is definitely NOT the case – you’ve chosen your subject well!

    • Thanks! Yeah, you’re right….fisheye photos only look good under certain circumstances. I originally thought that every shot I took with a fisheye would look great simply because the effect that lens gives. I quickly found out that’s not the case! In fact, it’s often hard to use this lens because it captures so much. The subject being photographed can easily get lost. However with the right framing and subject, fisheye photos can turn out wonderfully : )

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