Field of Dreams, Four Pinhole IR Photos

watermarked field of dreams 1watermarked field of dreams 2watermarked field of dreams 4Field of Dreams, Four Pinhole IR Photos

I hadn’t played around with pinhole photography for sometime, so getting out in the rice fields and shooting with my Holga Pinhole Wide camera was quite refreshing. I opted for the IR route, shooting some Efke Aura IR 820 black and white medium format infrared film. As with most all my black and white infrared photos, these were shot through a Hoya R72 filter. I personally developed the rolls with D76 in my darkroom ( like all my black and white photos ). The exposure times started out around 5-7 minutes. By the time I’d finished shooting, the sun had started setting a bit so my shots jumped up to roughly 12 minutes in length. There’s lots of movement in the clouds due to the long exposure times necessary when combining a pinhole camera and a very dark black and white IR filter. Even though I taped up the camera, I still got some light leaks. Thankfully they weren’t extensive enough to ruin the shots, just accent them. ^^ Enjoy~! © Patrick Bresnahan


8 thoughts on “Field of Dreams, Four Pinhole IR Photos

  1. wow! I love your work!
    I’ve being trying for a while to get a decent IR pinhole picture. I used Rollei IR400 with a Hoya R72 filter.
    Can you explain me how you get this wonderful exposure?

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