Frank and Kershea in Insadong, Seoul

Frank and Kershea in Insadong, Seoul

Two good friends of mine, Frank and Kershea, are soon to be married. I was asked to take some photographs of them strolling around Seoul, which I gladly accepted. I haven’t developed the black and white roll I shot of them just yet, but I’ll be getting to it soon enough. For now, please have a look at this one shot I captured in color.

This was taken with a Rolleiflex Automat A on Kodak Portra 400 film in Insadong, Seoul. © Patrick Bresnahan


20 thoughts on “Frank and Kershea in Insadong, Seoul

    • Thanks, I have plenty! Actually, I have so many rolls of film to look through…I haven’t been posting too frequently lately because I feel a bit bogged down. I need to take time to look through all my old photos, organize them, and choose what to publish. All in good time, I suppose! Anyhow, thanks for your comment : )

  1. A very busy image, that still gives me a feeling of serenity. I’ll bet they are gonna love this portrait for the rest of their life!
    Great work Patrick!

    • Thank you! Actually, I’m going to start studying a Master’s degree in photography this Fall : ) I’m thinking about doing a kickstarter to help raise funding. I would sell some of my prints in order to pay for my tuition. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea or not, or if people would really donate money to help me out. Any thoughts?

      • Most of the online selling companies look for commercial stock, you may have some success selling on here. It might be worth advertising your work on one of the online trade websites, such as E-Bay. Apart from that I am out of good ideas. It is something I have considered myself but I reckon I will have to get a bit better first 🙂

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