Japanese Red Pine, Color Infrared

Japanese Red Pine

Despite the name Japanese Red Pine, these trees aren’t naturally red. The foliage here appears pink, magenta and crimson due to being shot with Kodak Ektachrome color infrared film ( Kodak EIR ). This particular roll was quite old, being expired in 1998 and shot just last week ( late July, 2013 ). Since I had never shot super expired color infrared film before, I was really worried about the results – thinking that such an old roll of film wouldn’t produce great images. In general, the photos came out fine. They’re definitely grainy – especially in the shadows. I’m glad I took the risk and purchased this incredibly rare film.

To compensate for the age of the film, I exposed the images to more light than is normally necessary for color infrared. Typically, shooting at ISO 400 will yield great results. Yet for most of this test roll I shot at ISO 200, thereby slightly overexposing the film. In the future, I’ll even shoot at ISO 100 under certain lighting conditions ( In my freezer I have two more rolls of 35mm color infrared film – both expired in 2002 ).

Most of my color infrared work has been shot with relatively fresh rolls of medium format film in 120mm. Yet, this time around I really wanted to get my hands on some 35mm color infrared film. It’s really hard to come by, and if found it’s quite expensive. The reason why I wanted to get 35mm color infrared was so that I could shoot it with my Canon AE-1 coupled with a Canon 15mm fisheye lens. This particular lens has three built in filters, two of which work nicely for color infrared film . They are yellow and orange. I tested both colors, and I’m still in favor of the yellow filter ( which is what I’ve used on this pine tree shot and with my previous color infrared photos ).  The orange filter makes skies look a bit more turquoise and foliage a little more orange in tone. Another main reason I wanted to use the fisheye lens and 35mm format was so I could achieve that classic 1960’s counterculture aesthetic. On at least one of my remaining color IR rolls, I’d like to do some portraits to really get groovy : )

This shot was captured at Seoil Farm ( 서일 농원 ) in Anseong, South Korea on the incredibly rare, ever so mesmerizing Kodak Ektachrome film, yellow filtered and E6 ( slide film ) processed. © Patrick Bresnahan


15 thoughts on “Japanese Red Pine, Color Infrared

    • Thanks, I’m so happy you like it! I know I haven’t been blogging much lately…I’ve been taking plenty of photos but I want to post only the best : )

    • Thanks so much, Marie! Yes indeed, we film fanatics love grain : ) I’ve been pushing a lot of my black and white rolls lately to give them some good old grain. Take care~!!!

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