Purple Haze, Cross Processed

Purple Haze, Cross Processed

Here’s a minute long shot of the Jeomchon stream at night. I captured it with a Holga on expired Fuji Astia 100 slide film, cross processed with c41 developing. Most slide films that I’ve played with give green or blue tints when cross processed, yet for whatever reason Fuji Astia 100 tends to yield a red, orange, purple or pink image. I’ll likely post more photos from this roll later on. Enjoy! © Patrick Bresnahan


20 thoughts on “Purple Haze, Cross Processed

  1. I wouldn’t do this to my rare remaining Astia as I value it for its natural colour reproduction of the Yorkshire landscape, but this is an effective piece of art. Thanks for the like on my recent post – I’m not really a lomo fan but I do like the Vivitar W&S, though if I could afford a Zuiko 21mm I probably wouldn’t carry it so much.

    • I agree. Astia is some amazing film. I opted to cross process this roll because it was about 5 years expired. I do have some fresh Astia that I plan on developing as slides in E6.

      I’m not too crazy about lomo either, although I do shoot with a Holga and Lomo LC-A fairly often. There’s something nice about not having to worry about gear being ruined while traveling about. I mostly have problems with lomography’s prices. They sell toy cameras for absurd amounts of money. Either way, I’ve found that it doesn’t really matter too much what gear you shoot with. Beautiful photos can be captured by the most basic means – especially with pinhole cameras. What is important, however, is what you shoot : )

  2. I’m getting itchy fingers looking at all these images. Old rolls of film are sitting in my fridge. Great experimentation. Inspiring.

    • For sure, give it a go ~ especially if you have some expired fuji astia hanging around. Your photos will most likely turn out really pinkish purplish or orangey red if shot during the day.

  3. I’d love to try out the fuji astia as well, both normally and cross processed. The only slide film I have tried out is the Lomography X-pro and , it leaves, indeed,yellow, blue and green prints. I think the Holga&Astia combo did a great job! Can’t wait to see the other photos:)

    • Thanks! I found that shooting this film at night and going the xpro route is really rewarding. The colors come out so rich and violet. Daytime shots look mostly pink.
      Most of the films that I’ve cross processed come out blue and green ( fuji sensia is really green especially when shot indoors or at night and kodak elite chrome 100 gives really bright blue skies…very vibrant looking. I shot and xpro’d some expired Kodak elite chrome 400 and the rolls came out really grainy with muted colors ).

      I typically only cross process expired slide films. If I do happen to splurge on fresh positive film, I like to develop them as slides in E6. The colors are usually amazing, and I’m really liking AGFA precisa 100 lately. It’s way cheaper than fresh Fuji and Kodak slide films, and it renders amazing colors.

      I’ve found tons of expired slide films at photo labs where they can be purchased for next to nothing. Here in Korea, most folks tend to shoot digitally so lab owners often don’t mind getting rid of old films for really cheap. If you’ve got some time to spare, check out all the photo labs in your area and ask to see if they have any old expired films they want to get rid of. If they’re expired, perhaps shoot them to be cross processed. Oh, and if you do want to cross process your photos, remember to underexpose your images one stop. So if it’s an ISO 100 film, set your camera to ISO 200 and shoot away. I didn’t do that the first time I shot and cross processed some slide film, and everything was washed out and over exposed. Anyhow, best of luck and happy experimenting!

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