Serene Steam Revisited, Color Infrared

Serene Steam Revisited, Color Infrared

Here’s a shot I took last year from the Boseong Green Tea Fields in South Korea. It was captured with a Holga on the incredibly rare, ever so sexy Kodak Aerochrome color infrared film. I used a Tiffen Yellow #12 filter and developed the film as slides, E6 processing. © Patrick Bresnahan


9 thoughts on “Serene Steam Revisited, Color Infrared

  1. Ahhh. So many people have been posting aerochrome film and im trying not to get obsessed with it. Your photo is only making it harder to resist!

    Ive also considered shooting bw infrared in a holga instead of my 4×5 pinhole. At least the exposure time would be shorter!

    • Really, have there been a lot of aerochrome posts lately? I haven’t seen too many online. The one guy left in the world who sells this stuff is back in stock ( less than 700 rolls remaining from what I understand ) so I’m not too surprised to see some people are taking advantage of what he’s offering and getting some pictures out there.

      You should definitely give b&w IR a go with the holga. It gives really dreamy images and the shutter speeds are fairly consistent. Holga + most IR films + Hoya R72 filter + bright sunlight + f8 cloudy setting = 1 – 2 second exposure ^^ You’ll get great negatives if you follow this rule. It gets a little tricky when shooting on cloudy days or in the shade. If it’s a little dark out, I’ll go for a 3-4 second exposure. I’ve had pretty decent results shooting in this manner. I hope you give it a shot! I’d love to see your results : )

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