Fisheyed Cherry Blossoms ( 12 Photos ) 어안렌즈 과 벚꽃

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Spring has finally found its way to Korea, and I’ve been soaking it up. The Cherry Blossom trees are blooming now, with their beauty rapidly fleeting. As a photographer, I’ve found myself rushing around trying to get some good cherry blossom snaps while they last. In fact, the trees are only blooming for a good week, week and a half. After that, they lose that pure, puffy look.

Well, I know in my ‘About Page’ I wrote how I’m only using cheap cameras and lenses. Up until now that was completely true. However, I couldn’t resist picking up a nice fisheye lens for my Canon AE-1 recently. It’s a 15mm Canon fisheye lens to be exact, the FD mount kind that has built in yellow, orange, and red filters. ( I plan on trying out some black and white IR film with the red filter later on since there’s no way I’ll be able to attach my Hoya R72 to the fisheye ). Anyhow, I’ve been craving a nice fisheye lens ever since I started getting into photography in 2011. In all actuality, I’ve really been obsessed with the fisheye look since I was a teenager checking out skateboarding films and magazines. Chances are I’ll be posting some skateboarding fisheye photos in the weeks to come.

For now, have a look at my cherry blossom photos. I had a blast shooting them – especially the night shots I set up with a tripod. It was quite a thrill to get some cool images with the car headlights streaking by. Ten shots here were captured on Kodak Portra 160, the other two were shot on Kodak 200. I wonder if anyone will be able to spot the two that are Kodak 200. © Patrick Bresnahan


22 thoughts on “Fisheyed Cherry Blossoms ( 12 Photos ) 어안렌즈 과 벚꽃

    • Thank you Joey! I think the fisheye effect comes out stronger when shooting horizontally. These photos, however, are all vertically framed. I did shoot some night photos of cherry blossoms horizontally with the cars streaking by but I overexposed the film for those shots. They still look cool, but came out really grainy when I scanned them. I opted not to post those shots because I love the coloring of the vertical night photos shown here.

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