Mellow Mountain, Expired Tungsten Film

Mellow Mountain, Expired Tungsten FilmHere’s a shot of Mellow Mountain, which can be found on the Thai island of Koh Phangan. For this photo, I had my Holga loaded up with some expired Kodak tungsten film; I believe it was Ektachrome 64t. This is a slide film that’s usually used under studio lights and developed with the e6 process, but I opted to shoot it outdoors and cross process the roll with color negative chemistry, c41. Doing so helps give it that cobalt blue coloration. I don’t have too much experience shooting tungsten films, but I’m eager to try it out again and learn what works best. I also took a similar shot of Mellow Mountain in black and white here.  © Patrick Bresnahan


23 thoughts on “Mellow Mountain, Expired Tungsten Film

  1. This was certainly a successful experiment, almost brings to mind the Aurora Borealis, and maybe that hole in the sky that somebody lifted the (original) Lorax through…. 🙂

    • Ha, I never thought my photos would be considered Seussian : ) This must be the street of the lifted Lorax, then! Thanks for your comment, and I’ve always wanted to see the northern lights. Perhaps I’ll get a chance someday~

      • It’s quite an achievement to be both Suessian and convey great beauty 😀

        You know 2013 is a really good year for the Northern Lights, I think the sun is at the peek of it’s 11 year cycle, so if you head up to the Nordic countries in early autumn you’ll be sure to catch some.

    • Thank you! This was from my first and, so far, only roll of tungsten film. I wasn’t sure about anything – especially exposure time and the results cross processing. The lighting was pretty low for this shot, so I put the Holga on a tripod with the B setting and gave it a roughly 1/2 second to full second exposure. I’m happy it worked out as well as it did : ) Thanks again for commenting, Marie ~

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