Street Workers ( 3 Photos )

watermarked street worker 1watermarked street worker 3

Street Workers ( 3 Photos )

I find shooting on the street to be one of the greatest challenges in the realm of photography. Street photography doesn’t come easy, and it takes a bold soul to take photos of strangers – especially when these said strangers don’t want their photos taken. Sure, there are many subjects milling about, yet capturing one that is intriguing and appealing to the viewer is often difficult. Then, once you’ve found an interesting subject, it’s not all quite as easy as just snapping a shot of them. Their actions, the lighting and angles all need to be taken into consideration. I believe that photography tells stories, so it’s important to find a character on the street that has stories and histories to give us – all without breathing a word. These three shots here were all taken with a Canon AE-1. The man sawing into the concrete was captured on lomo earl grey 100 film. The other two were taken with Tmax 100. All were personally developed in the darkroom with D76. © Patrick Bresnahan

11 thoughts on “Street Workers ( 3 Photos )

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, I think the biggest aspect I need work on is shooting people, and street photos are hard, because its not like you can ask them to pose. Most times you get one shots, and then they start shouting at you. But the shot of the man with the buzz saw and dust is choice

    • Yeah, I’ve had so many times where I got too nervous to shoot someone. I don’t want to offend them, so I get intimidated easily. I think shooting film gives me a bit more confidence with street photography. If someone yells at me after I’ve shot them ( this has happened twice in recent memory ), I can’t erase the image. It’s on film. Once I’ve explained that, they seem to mellow out. It helps to be as discrete as possible, though. If I’m sneaky, they never realize that I’ve taken their picture in the first place. Cheers, anyhow. I’m glad you like the buzz saw shot!

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