Areum Double Exposure

Areum Double Exposure

Here we have a double exposure captured with a Lomo LC-A. I can’t recall what film I had loaded for this one. I’d have to scour through my negatives. I find I’ve had my best luck when shooting double exposures with some sort of silhouette. It’s all about finding the negative space and knowing how to fill it up. Fortunately, I was able to get this shot with just one try.  © Patrick Bresnahan


18 thoughts on “Areum Double Exposure

    • Thanks! Yeah, I was really happy with the results. I figured it would take a few tries to get it just right, but I lucked out and had a decent image the first try. Also making it tricky was the fact that I didn’t use an SLR that has marks on the viewfinder. I used a lomo lc-a for this shot, and the viewfinder is totally free of any marking. I just sort of aimed for the left center part and took a stab at it. Anyhow, thanks for your comment!

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