Crimson Forest, Color Infrared

Crimson Forest, Color Infrared

Spring is drawing near to the Korean peninsula, and with it I look forward to shooting more color infrared film. I’ve stocked up on about 7 rolls or so. This is quite a bit actually, considering there are fewer than 700 rolls of this kind of film existing in the world.

I feel very honored in a way that I’m likely to be among the last people using such a rare film, although I’m saddened to see it go. Sure, there’s always digital manipulation – but it’s simply not the same. Color infrared photography is truly a dying art, although I wish it weren’t. Who knows? Perhaps Kodak will continue making it in the future, but I doubt it.

Taken with a Holga and a Tiffen Yellow #12 filter on the gut wrenchingly rare, yet ever so delightful, Kodak Aerochrome color infrared film. © Patrick Bresnahan


6 thoughts on “Crimson Forest, Color Infrared

      • Aw, thank you. That means alot coming from an analog-lover.
        Waiting on film processing from St. Paddy’s Day. I’ll be ecstatic if I get 3 good shots out of it. I have no idea what I’m doing!

      • Well, I am an analog lover and I do prefer shooting film over digital, but more than that I appreciate good photography – no matter how it was captured.

        I look forward to seeing your St.Paddy’s film photos! Like I mentioned before, it might take some trial and error to get quality results from a toy camera. However, I think it’s super rewarding! And you never know, you might have gotten some awesome photos on your first try : )

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