Here’s one of my latest infrared shots, developed and scanned just in time for Tree Tuesday. I took it out in the Texas countryside. Captured with a Canon AE-1 on Efke IR 820 Aura black and white infrared film, Hoya R72 filtered. As with all my black and white and black and white infrared shots, this was personally developed in the darkroom with D-76. © Patrick Bresnahan

16 thoughts on “Withering

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  2. We love the b&w infrared remembering when you shot it and are blown away by the solarized version! Would like to paint it if you give permission.

    • For sure, give it a go! All my black and white / black and white infrared photos were developed with D76. I do the developing in a darkroom. For standard black and white, I use a 1:1 ratio with water. For b&w IR, I develop with stock D76. I’m not exactly sure why cutting it with water and increasing the agitation time doesn’t work so well with IR films, but that seems to be the case from what I’ve read online.

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