On the Shore Once More, Lomo LC-A Instant Back

On the Shore Once More, Lomo LC-A Instant Back

Shot near one of my favorite places in Korea, Anmyeondo, with a Lomo LC-A and Instant Back on Fuji Instax Mini Polaroid film. © Patrick Bresnahan


9 thoughts on “On the Shore Once More, Lomo LC-A Instant Back

  1. is this lomo lc-a instant back worth buying?does it have any problems?because i’ve been thinking of buying it for quite some time now but i couldn’t find any real reviews about it so i would know if it’s a good value for the money

    • Personally, I think it’s worth buying. But it kind of depends on how much you want to shoot Polaroid photos. The film is kind of expensive, around 10 dollars a pack or so ( at least here in Korea ). If you already have a Lomo LC-A or LC-A+, then I find the instant back to be a nice companion. I did have a problem when I first bought it, though. The film didn’t eject properly. Fortunately, I bought it from the Lomo store in Seoul, so I was able to get it exchanged for one that works perfectly. I haven’t had any problems with it since, and I’ve traveled quite a bit with it. I’ve definitely been having more issues with my Polaroid SX-70 with Impossible Film. That camera is a lot trickier to use, and it’s been hard for me to get a lot of quality shots from it. So, if you’re interested in getting great Polaroid results, I’d definitely go with the LC-A and Instant Back : )

      The photos it produces are really bright and bold with saturated colors and strong vignetting. I’m not sure if you’ve seen these, but I’ve posted a few more photos that I shot with the LC-A and Instant Back here:


      • thanks a lot for your reply, it really helped a lot! yes, i’ve got a polaroid 600 but i’m kind of reluctant to use it because i’ve seen some results from the impossible project film and well, people don’t seem to be too pleased with the film yet. it’s too pricey, 20euros for a film where there is a possibility you won’t get all the photos, well, it’s too much. so, yeah i’ll probably go with this instant back, i can get it cheaper with my piggy points and i can get the film for 10euros, which is still quite a lot, but i would really like to try it, i really like the vignettes lomo lc-a is making and they seem to look awesome on your polaroids also

      • I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the instant back. It’s definitely a bit big and bulky and awkward, but the results it will give you are fantastic. I’m hoping to be able to get my Polaroid SX70 to work as nicely, but it’s going to take some practice. I still support the Impossible Project because there’s something so special about big Polaroid photos – the instant back takes fuji instax mini film ( kinda small, but still cool ).

        One tip when shooting the instant back – remember that the viewfinder is way higher than the actual lens, so you’ll have to focus accordingly. Do it lomo style – shoot from the hip!

        Anyhow, good luck with it all and I’m looking forward to seeing your future instant back photos : )

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