San Francisco’s Chinatown, Color

watermarked chinatown colorWhile at home, I had the opportunity to take a very brief trip to San Francisco while my brother was there for a meeting. He had to work, I got to walk around and take some photos. This particular shot was taken discretely in Chinatown with a Holga on Fuji Astia 100F slide film, E6 processed. © Patrick Bresnahan


7 thoughts on “San Francisco’s Chinatown, Color

    • Thanks, yes I was really pleased with the results. I don’t shoot slide film very often. When I do, I tend to cross process it in C41 to get old color shifts. This time around, I wanted to process the film naturally in E6 to see how the shots would turn out. If I had a bigger budget, I’d probably shoot slide film and process it in E6 more often. I just love how vibrant the colors come out, although it’s a bit challenging to get the shots perfect. Black and white and color negative films are a bit more forgiving. You can still get a good negative / scan / print if the aperture or shutter speeds are a bit off with those films. Slide film, on the other hand, doesn’t look so great when over or underexposed.

    • Thank you! I was really drawn to her for whatever reason…her wrinkles, that hoodie drawn tightly, the fact that she was clutching dozens of eggs…I knew I had to get a discrete photo of her : )

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