Areum in an Instant

Areum in an Instant

I stumbled across a camera show while traveling back home. There, I picked up a Polaroid SX-70 folding camera for a very nice price. The SX-70 is the world’s first instant SLR, so you can focus accordingly and get depth of field and bokeh in your shots. I’ve immediately fallen in love with it, although I have to learn how to shoot it properly. Here’s a photo of my friend Areum taken with the Polaroid SX-70 on the Impossible Project’s PX 70 color protection film. © Patrick Bresnahan


5 thoughts on “Areum in an Instant

    • Cheers! I really like the SX-70 look as well, but I’m hoping the Impossible Project will eventually be able to produce films that are on par with the old Polaroid films. Either way, I support them. If they weren’t doing what they’re doing, there would be millions of obsolete polaroid cameras worldwide.

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