In Bloom

In Bloom

I shot these flowers with a nifty little Holga macro lens on Kodak Ektar 100 film. The lens coupled with a Holga is very difficult to use, so I was happy to see that some of my shots turned out fine. It’s so challenging to use because looking through the viewfinder does nothing. You have to guess at what you’re shooting and use a string to measure the distance from the camera lens to the object being shot. Either way, the macro lenses are very affordable and worth coupling up with a Holga! © Patrick Bresnahan


24 thoughts on “In Bloom

    • Great, I’m glad you like it! Yes, the holga paired with a holga macro lens can really give a unique look that’s not quite the same as digital macro photos.

    • Thanks, I’ve got some good results from that Holga macro set I picked up. I’ve got to give respect to you for introducing me to the macro lens and inspiring me to shoot with it! I too am longing for the Spring. It’s been a long winter, but it’s finally starting to warm up a bit here in Korea ~

    • Thanks! Yeah, the macro lens set is really neat and not too expensive. I think I paid around 18 dollars for the set of five lenses. Each lens has a different focal length and simply pops onto the end of the original Holga lens. I measured out strings for each length. When shooting, I’d just line up one of the strings from the end of the lens to the object I was shooting to try to get the distance right. It definitely takes some trial and error, but the results can be pretty cool.

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