Sprocket Holes and Avenues

Sprocket Holes and Avenues

Shot in Anseong, South Korea with a personally modified Holga on Fuji 200 film. I definitely overexposed this shot, but I wanted to make sure I got that streaking headlight effect. I believe the exposure time was roughly 45 seconds.© Patrick Bresnahan


16 thoughts on “Sprocket Holes and Avenues

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like it! Long exposures are easier than most people think. All you need to get good results is some patience and a little trial and error. Tripods definitely come in handy ( I used one for this shot ) but they’re not always necessary if you have a table or flat surface to rest the camera upon. For this shot I just set up the Holga, put it on B (bulb) setting, and held down the shutter for about 45 seconds. Getting the timing right is where the trial and error comes in. That’s why I like using film – If one shot doesn’t turn out right, I usually remember why it was a failure because my mind is focused from the get-go. Then, my next attempt will most likely be more successful : )

      • Wow! Really thanks for the advice I might try it soon too! I’ve had a lot of mistakes in using film but I love how I learn from it. Wahh and you are using a holga 😀 I’ve been longing for one too! It would be nice if you could do some tutorials on film photography :DD btw thanks!

      • No problem! Yup, I shoot with my Holga quite a bit – I even used it for most of my infrared work. Holgas have their limits, but that’s why they’re fun. They make me think about photography in a different way, and I find myself creating more unconventional images.

        Tutorials, eh? Well, I don’t think I’m really qualified! I’ve never studied photography before. I’ve mostly just been learning through my experiences. The infrared film I learned how to shoot through researching sites online. I started getting more involved in photography around March of 2011 when I first bought a Holga. It was using film that really gave me a new passion for taking photos.

        Anyhow, I’d be happy to help field your or anyone else’s questions if I’m able : )

      • That actually sound great 😀 My first film camera is actually a baby holga but then I can’t use it much because it uses 110 film that’s too difficult to find an a little bit pricey.
        Your statement actually inspires me to explore more beyond my other film cameras capabilities. Just keep on posting your works 😀 Anyway, I really like your blog because it shows 2 things that I like: film potography and korea. I want to travel there soon. haha
        Thank you again for taking time to reply. 😀

      • My pleasure, I’m glad you find my photos interesting! I’ll try my best to keep posting decent photos : ) I’ve never shot with 110 film. I’d imagine you can find plenty of rolls online. Good luck with your film camera adventures!

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