Here’s the Rama VIII Bridge of Bangkok, Thailand, shot just before sunrise ( in the blue hour ) with a Lomo LC-A. I don’t recall what film I had loaded for this one ( I’d have to look through my negatives ), but I think it was a lower ISO film because I remember using a tripod. This photo looks doctored, but I promise nothing here or elsewhere on my site is photoshopped! © Patrick Bresnahan

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    • Thanks, I was definitely there at the right time. I’d been walking through Bangkok all night and arrived at this bridge right before the sunset. The colors looked fantastic right at that moment.

      • Yes, what a beautiful city. My favourite place in the world actually. Would love to see some more of the photos you may of captured on your trip.

      • For sure, Bangkok is wonderful! I really need to organize and rescan a lot of my photos from that trip. My local photo lab didn’t scan many of the medium format shots properly. Now that I have my own scanner, I’ll make certain to scan certain photos that were off centered. I’ll definitely be posting some of my favorite shots in the weeks to come ~

    • Thanks! Yes, it certainly looks like that bridge with its suspension cables and all. The colors came out extra vibrant because of the early morning lighting just before sunrise : )

    • Cheers! I really got there at the right time. I’d been walking through Bangkok all night until I came across the bridge in the early morning. I’m really pleased with how this one turned out. Thanks again for your comment!

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