Shot with a Holga and Tiffen Yellow #12 filter on the ever so delectable, painstakingly rare Kodak Aerochrome color infrared film. © Patrick Bresnahan

21 thoughts on “Anchored

      • Yes, it’s not easy to come by. Kodak discontinued making infrared films in 2007. To my knowledge, no stores or suppliers sell it any longer. Only one or two people are selling it on Ebay, where I picked it up. The guy who sold it to me said he has dwindling supplies. So, in my opinion, color infrared photography is a dying art because digital imitations aren’t nearly as visually striking.

      • That is a shame, it seems common for manual tasks to fall into disuse, when I started work, i used to hand scrape bearing surfaces to fit them, now everything is machined so precisely that the skill is no longer required. I have heard that you can modify a DSLR to catch infra-red but it can be a recipe for disaster..

      • It is a shame. I feel that technology is turning us into zombies. The other day was really snowy, and I saw an elderly lady struggling to push her cart home. Her wheels kept getting clogged with the wet, clinging snow. She could barely move, so she went into the street among bustling buses because the snow had melted there. She was making better progress, but it was awfully dangerous. Hardly anyone noticed her because they were all too busy staring at their smart phones, walking and texting, generally spacing out. I took it upon myself to help her on her way. I got her on the sidewalk and helped her push the cart through the mushy snow. It took only about 15 minutes out of my day, but it seemed to leave a great impression on the elderly woman. She was quite thankful.

        Anyhow, I’ve seen both pictures that were photoshopped to look infrared and digital infrared images from modified DSLR’s. Both don’t seem up to par with what original infrared film can do.

      • I agree, modern devices all seem to be aimed at de-skilling people, even in in the way they interact with each other.

    • I’ve done most of my color IR stuff in the summer or fall seasons. However, I have shot a roll of black and white rollei infrared 400 in winter, and it came out well in my opinion. If you scroll down a bit on my page, you can find the post called Seoul’s Olympic Bridge in Infrared. That was shot in late November. I plan on shooting another black and white infrared roll soon, now that it’s snowy outside. I don’t have much experience shooting color infrared in winter, but I have seen some really cool shots online. It’s definitely possible and it certainly has a unique, somewhat psychedelic look : )

    • Thank you~ I’ve gotten a lot of different colors out of my infrared rolls. It seems to be highly effected by lighting, time of day, etc. This shot seems softer, having more purple and pink tones. Other infrared photos have been bolder, with deep crimsons and cobalt blues. Anyhow, I’m glad you like it!

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